1. lately my days have been filled with group work and projects. we’re currently making music videos at school, and I’ll post the one my group is working on by wednesday next week.

    in the meantime, here are some photos from Kirkenes by the Russian border in the north of Norway. I was visiting some family there last weekend for the first time. 

    © evelyn andora pecori

  2. "TEMPORARY" © evelyn andora pecori 

    PART I

    we’ve had a personal project going on at school this last month, guided by damian heinisch and marie sjøvold. this is the story of me and my boyfriend, living in a temporary home. the last photos will be ready in a few weeks, when we move out. 

    for part II, click here.

  3. "TEMPORARY" © evelyn andora pecori 

    PART II 

    for part I and more info, click here.

  4. © evelyn andora pecori

  5. k © evelyn pecori

  6. toby © evelyn pecori

  7. © evelyn pecori

  8. alessandra © evelyn pecori

  9. my boyfriend, K.

    © evelyn pecori

  10. my boyfriend, K.

    © evelyn pecori

  11. © evelyn pecori


  12. trainreflections.

    © evelyn pecori


  13. trainreflections.

    © evelyn pecori

  14. we celebrated ena’s birthday last sunday. it was so nice! © evelyn pecori

  15. © evelyn pecori